How much does FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor cost?
  A$33 (plus postage) for Australians. Overseas customers do not have to pay the Australian GST so the price for overseas customers will be A$30 (plus postage). This is approximately USD22; Euro20 and GBP15 (depending on the exchange rates on the day of purchase). But please be aware orders will be processed in Australia by an Australian merchant and therefore payment from credit cards  will be made in Australian dollars. If you want to check what the price will be in your currency try our Currency Converter
  I am an APSI, CASI, Austrian or BASI member. How do I access the pro deal discount?
  APSI members can access the discount by contacting Claire for the username and password. CASI members can access the Pro Deal through CASI's website. When in the Pro Deal part of CASI's website there is a username and password and link to purchase online. BASI members can obtain the username and password for the discount through the BASI website.  Or email us at info@freestylemax.com for details, stating which snowboard association you are a member of.
  Is FreestyleMax an Australian company?
  Yes. FreestyleMax is an Australian company based in Sydney. Manufacturing of the product however is sourced overseas.
  How long will deliveries take from Australia?
  Depending on where you request the product be delivered to, it could take any where from 2 to 14 business days from the time of dispatch from Sydney. North American deliveries typically take 8-10 Business Days. Customers with APO AE addresses please note delivery may take longer due to circumstances beyond our control.
  New Question. Do you deliver to anywhere in the world?

New Answer. Although FreestyleMax has delivered mainly to New Zealand, North America and snowy areas of Europe in the past, we can send to any country permitted under Australian Law and according to Australia Post’s rules and guidelines. Australia Post is also dependent on the national postal carriers in each destination country.

  Is there a FreestyleMax Skier?
  Sorry, there is no skier version of FreestyleMax
  Why is FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor more than just a toy?

FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor has over 30 points of articulation/hinged joints that allow more realistic freestyle movement than most toys.

The Snowboard Instructor has realistic looking snowboard clothing and snowboard graphics.

  How can I access the instructional DVD online?
  This is only available to customers who have purchased FreestyleMax. The instructions to access the members section is contained in the box your product came in.
  Will using FreestyleMax The Snowboard Instructor help me launch off a 100 foot cliff?
  What is the satisfaction guarantee?

FreestyleMax understands you may have reservations about the range of movement of this product. We've had that many satisfied customers we're offering a satisfaction guarantee.

Upon receiving your FreestyleMax, if he cannot move and flex as described or shown on this website, return it to

(PO Box 351 Freshwater NSW 2096) for a refund.

Still not sure? Send me an email with your concerns to Stephen@freestylemax.com